Commissioner’s requirements for goods preparation for sale

Sable skins must be removed from the carcasses in the manner of “tube” or “stocking” with preservation  of  fur  from  the head (with a  nose and ears),  feet (with  claws) and tail. When removing the skins in the manner of “tube” the cut of the skin goes through the hair dividing line of hind limbs from pads to the anus, additional cuts – on front limbs from pads to elbow joint and the bottom surface of the tail. When removing the skins in the manner of “stocking” the cut of the skin goes around the mouth at the junction of the lips with the gums; additional cut – on the lower surface of the tail. Skins should be cleaned from muscles, cartilage of the ear, tendons, bones from the legs and tail, mud, blood and resin from the skin tissue and hair; they should be degreased without damages of  hair roots; framed on the boards fur out in the form corresponding to this type, and conserved using fresh-dry method.

Supplier should finalize sable skins, which do not meet these requirements otherwise the company reserves, the right to refuse admittance of non-standard skins.

Skins which are rotten, burned, damaged by moth and carpet beetle, skins of  early autumn, summer, spring and late spring (with a significantly thinned and fallen hair cover), skins of cubs with puffy hair cover  will not be admitted for sale by the auction.

The supplier can deliver off-grade raw skins to other procurement organizations in Irkutsk.