Admission and grading of furs. Some features.

The last Soviet standard for raw skins of sable (State All-Union standard 27571-87 of 1987. Raw sable skins collected by hunting) did not mean grading by size and gray hair.

The quality grading of sable skins was based upon of several factors such as type, color, damages.

Grading by size and gray hair was not performed.

Today, the grading system in the Auction Company "Russian Sable" is based on sorting sable skins by both size and gray hair.

In general, grading is conducted by no less than seven parameters:

  1. type,
  2. color,
  3. sort,
  4. size,
  5. group of defects,
  6. gray hair,
  7. density of underwool and guard hair,

and other.

On seller request, he may be present during grading process.

In preparation of skins for the auction, our company pays special attention to the careful selection of the skins while forming lots.

The auction company "Russian Sable" guarantees the observance of the interests of both: buyers and sellers.