In the period from 13 to 23 September, 2016 the delegation of the Auction Company “Russian Sable” made a business trip to Europe, in order to establish business contacts with the major consumers of sable skins and study experience of the world best fur auctions.

The program of the visit:

  • 13-15 September – Denmark, Copenhagen Fur auction;
  • September 16-20 – Italy (Milan, Seregno, Grosseto) Companies of fur industry;
  • 21-22 September – Finland, Saga Furs auction.

During this visit, we studied experience of the world’s largest auctions in the sale of fur raw skins and in auctions cooperation with suppliers and customers. Dozens of meetings were held with the main buyers of sable skins from England, USA, Italy, Germany, and Russia.

The result of the negotiations is determination of possibilities for useful and mutually beneficial cooperation in sale of sable skins at the auction.

It is gratifying to note that the main buyers of wild raw sable skins expressed a great interest in the new proposals of the Baikal international fur auction.

We are grateful to our international partners for their comments and suggestions, and we invite everyone to visit Irkutsk bids at the end of March, 2017.

Permission to publish the photographs on this page was kindly given by one of the world’s largest international fur auctions © KOPENHAGEN FUR.