Recieving skins
20.01.2019 – 26.04.2019
10.05.2019 – 13.05.2019 in Moscow
14.05.2019 in Moscow


Auction company “Russian Sable”

Russian Sable is the first Siberian auction company located in Irkutsk – capital of the region specializing in the supply of unique Russian Barguzin sable. We established our company in April 2016 and have already had 3 successful auctions as a result of well-coordinated work of the team of professional trappers, commodity experts, fur suppliers, as well as economic, information and other departments of the company.

Why Irkutsk?

  • Irkutsk – capital of the region specializing in the supply of unique Russian Barguzin sable
  • Transportation to Irkutsk sable is convenient to our suppliers. No wonder that for many years the largest Russian fur was databased here.
  • Irkutsk is a modern and developed metropolis, where there is all the necessary infrastructure for carrying out the logistics required by the auction
  • In Irkutsk, there is the main Russian school of hunting specialists, professionals who organize hunting and manage harvesting of fur-bearing animals in the vast territory of Siberia
  • One of the best commodity experts in Russia lives and works in Irkutsk;

The results of February auction 2019

February 18th, 2019|Comments Off on The results of February auction 2019

THE RESULTS OF THE 4TH BAIKAL INTERNATIONAL FUR AUCTION in the city of Tver’ held from February 4 to 10

16 april 2018

3-rd International Baikal Fur Auction results

The 3rd Baikal International Fur Auction was finished on 04.16.18 in Irkutsk. More than 48 thousand sable skins were sold. It's time to announce results.