Auction Company "Russian Sable" Ltd

Irkutsk     25.08.2017

Dear Hunters and skins collectors!

You can put up raw skins of sable, squirrel, lynx, weasel, and marten for the auction in Irkutsk. It should be remembered that sable skins would be sold primarily. Other raw fur skins can only be realized if there is demand from the buyers.

We work with all the collectors and suppliers of fur skins.

Who can supply skins for the Baikal International Fur Auction?

  1. Legal entities and individual entrepreneurs (IE), including hunting grounds of industrial and recreational areas; communities of indigenous people; non-profit partnership; farms; fur farms; resellers.
  2. Individuals - hunters harvesting in public hunting areas on the basis of permits for sports and amateur hunting; their legal representatives; other categories of hunters who have all required permits.

At your request, upon delivery of sable skins to the warehouse, you can receive advance, on the security of the skins. Advance payment - up to 60% of the market value of the goods. Terms of the advance should be previously discussed with the specialists of the company.

Our graders will sort impartially delivered skins in accordance with the requirements of international rules in your presence. Skins of fur animals, to be assigned to a particular supplier, will be marked with individual tags, which you can order and receive in advance by mail or upon delivery of the skins for the auction.

In the process of trading, you can monitor in real time how your product is sold to final buyers. Also, you will be issued (sent) the personal catalog of the trading results, where you can see the hammer price of your skins.

Payment for the sold skins is made during 30 days from the last day of auction’s sale according to bank details you set in the contract.

The commission of the auction company for sold skins is 5% of the sales price regardless of the amount of delivered skins.

It's important!

Delivery of the skins for the auction must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate form №3, filled in accordance with the operating instructions.

The supplier has the responsibility for the legitimacy of hunting prey animals, the skins of which they deliver for the auction..

Our main rules:

  • respect for the work of trappers and collectors
  • clear and fair grading
  • timely payment

If you have any questions, please contact us:

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Auction Company "RUSSIAN SABLE" Ltd
Baykalskaya str. 263, Irkutsk, Russia, 664050
Office. ph.: +7 3952 487 101, + 7 914 880 2865 (WhatsApp),

Sincerely yours,
the Chairman of the Board of Directors
Pavel Nikolaevich