Recieving skins
20.01.2019 – 26.04.2019
10.05.2019 – 13.05.2019 in Moscow
14.05.2019 in Moscow

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Dear Buyers!

The Baikal area is the home for the world's best sable – Barguzinsky. Our suppliers - Professional Siberian hunters and hunting enterprises collect and deliver Barguzinsky sable to us.

Skilled graders will carefully sort out the skins in size, defects, types, colors, tones and shades, gray hair and quality of underwool. You can choose from thousands of lots, the most suitable for you.

Our company will provide you all the required logistics of the auction, including registration of transactions, shipment of the purchased goods to the destination country and conduct mutual settlements.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Auction Company "RUSSIAN SABLE" Ltd
Baykalskaya str. 263, Irkutsk, Russia, 664050
Office. ph.: +7 3952 487 101,
Mob.ph. + 7 914 880 2865 (WhatsApp),
E-mail: ak@sobol38.ru

Sincerely yours,
the Chairman of the Board of Directors
Pavel Durnev