Welcome, dear visitors to our website!

We are opening a new platform for sale of commercial fur in Russia, in Irkutsk-city near Lake Baikal.

Our main goal – to embody everything that is best in the world trade to our auction activity.

Why Irkutsk?

First, because:

  • The best in the world Sable – “Barguzinsky” inhabits and is harvested here;
  • Irkutsk is the home to the hunters’ school of Russia, professionals who organize hunting and manage harvesting of fur-bearing animals on the vast territory of Siberia;
  • Our suppliers can easy transport sable to Irkutsk. For many decades the largest in Russia fur base worked successfully there;
  • Some of the best Russian fur graders live and work in Irkutsk;
  • Irkutsk is a modern and well-developed metropolis, which has the entire necessary infrastructure for the implementation of the auction-required logistics;
  • Here, we have Baikal – the deepest and cleanest lake in the world.

We are working because we want:

  • Suppliers of fur and trappers feel respect and attention to themselves and to their hard work on the part of employees of the auction;
  • Hunters to get bonuses for high quality skins;
  • Sellers to realize how the price for their goods is formed;
  • The number of lots to be maximum. We will grade sable skins according to size, varieties, colors, tones and shades, defects, gray hair, and the quality of density;
  • Buyers could see skins most similar by quality in our lots;
  • Auction to be open, clear, fair, and beneficial to everybody.

We would like to pay special tribute to:

  • The President of Russia, who, with his instruction to the Government of the Russian Federation in June 2014, launched a new useful business;
  • The Government of Irkutsk region, the Chairman of the Government of Irkutsk region, who expressed his full and strong support to our project;
  • Suppliers of furs, specialists and experts, our international partners, who are encouraged to help us with realization of the serious international project;
  • Our customers from Europe, North America, China, Russia, and other countries, who have believed in us and are ready to cooperate actively;
  • Old and new founders of the auction company “Russian Sable” including major collectors and suppliers of “wild” fur for their organizational and financial support.

We hope we’ll create a commercial fur trade system that will facilitate the development of commercial hunting and hunting economy of Russia.