3-rd International Baikal Fur Auction results in Irkutsk

04.16.18 was finished the 3rd Baikal International Fur Auction in Irkutsk.
Despite the price reduction of sables in the World market and not expecting high selling prices, many hunters and suppliers of furs decided to put up sables for sale.
Of course, we, as a young company, can't guarantee a large percentage of sales and the maximum price, but we do everything possible for this.


Total furs

48499 furs - a collection of such size attracted to the auction 16 wholesale buyers.

With a view to retaining the prices of pelts, together with the main suppliers and the company's management, it was decided to set limits (minimum prices) for sales at a level of minus 10% of the world prices for January 2018. But, unfortunately, not all positions managed to keep the desired price, because the struggle for lots was hot.

As a result, more than 90% of the total exhibited lots was sold at the 3rd Baikal fur auction.

The average selling price was 83 US dollars for 1 sable skin.


The top lot was purchased by Mr. Chris Kotsaboikidis for “Pelliccerie Nello Santi SRL Unipersonale” at a price of $ 500.

Buyers from different countries noted the high quality of sable sorting and regretted that such a good product is being sold today at a rather low price, unfortunately, formed not by the auction and the broker, but by the current situation on the market.

According to one of the buyers: “We do not need a cheap sable, since it instantly becomes available to everyone, but the situation on the market dictates our sales price.”

Auction Company “Russian Sable” gives thanks to suppliers and buyers for their participation and work, which led to the organization of the 3rd Baikal International Fur Auction in the city of Irkutsk.

See you at the Fourth Baikal International Fur Auction, date we will inform you additionally.

We wish luck to the hunters!