105 suppliers of fur skins from the Urals to Kamchatka took part in the First Baikal International Fur Auction (BIFA) in March in Irkutsk.

There were offered: 39 268 sable wild skins of which: Barguzinsky - 36 497, Kamchatsky - 1904, other types – 867 skins.

The auction was held with high activity of the buyers: sold % - 94.8%. The most expensive were sable skins of Kamchatka type, the average price of which was US $ 125.

The average price of Barguzinsky sables is 102.5 US dollars. But the average price of skins at an auction is like the average temperature of patients in a hospital. One can relatively take it into consideration when making prognosis about the demand, because it all depends on what percentage of skins of different quality is offered at the auction.

For your convenience, we have placed the auction prices for different quality categories in the table below.


Color Damage Prices in US Dollars
XXL XL 1.2.3
2.3 Norm, shade gray 170-480 170-240
Norm, shade 125-150 105-110 80-82
А (only gray) Not offered Not offered 96-135
B 88-120 52-74
4 Norm, gray 160-280 80-110
Norm, shade 130-150 98-115 72-82
A 100-125 90-94 68-77
B 84-130 50-86
5 Norm, gray 120-180 -
Norm, shade 135-150 100-115 70-78
A 105-130 84-98 64-76
B 80-135 50-70
6 Norm, gray 90-145 64-86
Norm, shade 130-145 86-105 62-80
A 96-140 70-94 62-72
B 70-87 46-62
7 Norm, gray 80-120 54-86
Norm, shade 100-150 86-98 56-72
A 80-125 86-98 56-72
B 56-87 46-57
8 Norm, gray -
Norm, shade 92-120 50-64
A 96
B 67 -
Все цвета Damage 1 28-57
Damage 2 6-13
2 grade 62-72

As we can see from the table, now there is a tendency to a certain decrease in demand and accordingly to the prices for dark colors as well as a certain increase in prices for light and small sable skins. It is interesting to note that the prices for XXL sable skins of 5-7 colors of blue shades were comparable to the prices of skins of 2-4 colors of the same size.

18 buyers and brokers participated in the auction, representing 31 companies from the USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Russia and even Mongolia.

The TOP LOT of Barguzinsky wild sable bought by Carlo Guida for Fashion Hous Gala Khachaturova (Moscow, Russia). The top lot included skins of sables of the third color, with a blue underwool, XXL and bright gray. The price of each skin is 480 US dollars.

Top lot. BIFA-1

TOP LOT. The price of each skin is 480 US dollars.

Absolute leaders of purchases among foreign buyers were the Italians, in total about 70% of the entire collection was sent to Europe.

The buyers marked the high level of the organization of the auction, high quality the skins grading, delivery logistics and they all expressed a desire to participate in subsequent auctions.

All sable skins were delivered to the buyers in the terms fixed by the contracts. Payments to the suppliers for the skins sold at the auction were carried out in full. Currently, the remains of the collection are being sold (about 1800 skins).

We are grateful to our Russian and foreign partners for the useful advice and recommendations that we need to take into account in our future work.

See you at the Second Baikal international Fur Auction, the timing of which will be announced additionally.